Chris Kelly (Lead Guitar)

Seeing a mate’s older brother’s band in rehearsal at the age of 13, playing Humble Pie, Johnny Winter and Faces numbers mainly, was a huge influence on Chris. He was bitten…. .

Over 30 years on, playing live is still as important as ever. Hundreds of gigs of all sizes, a couple of European tours, deps and studio sessions covering all kinds of music haven’t spoiled the buzz of playing with a live band. Earlier in his career Chris had a rock album released on an independent label, worked in the studio with a major label producer and ran the music department in a large college.
Writing, recording and playing live are still very much a part of his life. Initially self-taught, Chris turned to a well-known local guitar tutor before turning semi-pro about 25 years ago. Among his influences are Peter Green, SAHB, Hendrix, Roy Buchanan, Gary Moore, Dudley Moore, Schenker, Rhoads, Zeppelin, Warren Haynes, SRV, and many more.

Equipment includes, Feline Preacher, Strat, Telecaster and Guild acoustic, with custom Laney amps and too many pedals.

The most consistent thing in his life is being told to turn down. And tea….


Chris is really excited to be part of the new Ruby Red line-up and knows it is the start of something special.



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